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Today's political and business arena means new regulation, new taxes, onerous legislation and uncompromising adversaries -- combinations that can cost you, your organization and fellow taxpayers thousands of dollars and untold hours of aggravation.  Influencing opinion or improving community and government relations at the grassroots level can preempt these costs or unfavorable regulation and put you on the winning side.

To influence the opinion of policy makers, voters and political opponents in a constantly changing marketplace, individuals, organizations, businesses and interest groups must mobilize their allies.

Hibbard Associates advises and assists business, trade, industrial and political clients on the development and execution of winning strategies.  Using the most current information and strategic planning tools available, Hibbard Associates can provide assistance with:  community and government relations, data analysis and  management, campaign planning, direct mail, constituency building, feasibility studies, grassroots programs and opinion research.

Tailored to meet individual client needs, this array of refined services and capabilities will allow you to mold public attitudes toward your issues, products, services or campaign.

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